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Tyler Roland has hundreds of car books, all of which he has read numerous times according to his dad. Ask him a question about any classic car and he will deliver a precise answer and then produce the books that he cited. Tyler says he has been leaning on his dad to buy one since the fourth grade. Then the right one came along at the right time. After taking possession, the father and son drove it some 300 miles away to visit family along the way they got to know the brutal power of the car.

The pair work on it together and Tyler is in charge of finding the right car shows to attend. He appreciates the opportunity to care for this classic. Now some details on the car itself.

This Pantera was previously owned by Yankee Candle as a car in the Yankee Payday cash advance loans loans no credit check Car Museum. When that collection was liquidated, it went to Dragone auctions. The top end has seen some upgrades and it was previously fitted with an Ansa exhaust system and a payday loans no credit check gas tank for racing. The latter is not very good for road trips when you consider the 6 MPG that can be expected. Cosmetically, the car is completely stock including the original padded steering wheel.

For 1972 the Pantera was conservatively rated at around 330 hp. Going from 50 to 100mph in third gear takes about four seconds. These days they are still relatively affordable, when you compare them to their Italian counterparts. It's about as American as an Italian can get. It has just enough refinement, just enough rawness, just enough rarity.

So he is the perfect candidate to properly inform anyone just what they are looking at when they are showing it or just out appreciating it. As far as appreciating the car Tyler spends plenty of time doing that. Maybe at night I'll head into the garage, pop the trunk button, and open it. Just seeing the engine, it gives me a chill. Learn more Forza Motorsport 7 Overview Features Media Overview Features Cars World Media Overview Features Cars Tracks Overview Features Cars Tracks Media Features Cars World Overview Features Cars World Media Overview Features Cars Tracks Media Overview Features Cars World Media Overview Features Cars Tracks Media News Overview Sign In Heavy Metal Affliction - 1972 De Tomaso Pantera At first it might be easy to let jealousy get the better of you, but if you give yourself a moment to take it in, having a De Tomaso Pantera at age 15 is actually appropriate for Forza fan Tyler Roland - Gamertag fordgrandson1.

DeTomaso Pantera Miami - Pantera Parts, Sales and Services. One will recall that the Italian manufacturer's name was linked to Frank Williams' team in 1970 when the latter fielded a car for Piers Courage, who would tragically lose his life at the wheel of the overweight and unreliable De Tomaso 505 design during the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort.

He subsequently took control of German manufacturer Ruf, which produces Porsche-derived designs. Although no plans to associate the De Tomaso brand with Genii's F1 activities have yet been announced, the business exchange platform will certainly lever its F1 presence to promote the Italian marque's image and products, while a renaming of the Lotus Team could also be in the works.

The team's current deal with Lotus Cars allows it to merely use the Lotus name in F1 until 2017.

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