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Projet AiA

Awareness in Africa: Disseminating Knowledge on EGNOS and Galileo in Africa to foster Local Development (AiA)

Projet de vulgarisation des Technologies des Systèmes Globaux de Navigation par Satellite (GNSS) pour le Développement des pays d’Afrique Sub-saharienne – Projet soutenu dans le cadre du programme cadre FP7 par l’Union Européenne et l’Agence Européenne de Navigation Spatial (GSA).

Conférence International AiA à Dakar Mai 2013

The project relies heavily on the commitment and dedication of European and African entities such as African universities, Chambers of Commerce, SMEs and their partners in Europe capable to understand the specific requirements of the African communities and in which areas and places EGNOS and Galileo can best bring specific, effective and affordable solutions.  To that effect the consortium would leverage his network of universities, SMEs, communities and Chamber of Commerce, having taken good note that the GSA and EU have already focused their efforts towards the decision makers at political level. The awareness activities will be developed via workshops, conference and several meetings in 3 Africa countries (Senegal, Gabon and Cameroon). These workshops shall spread the information on GNSS to universities, local authorities and companies. All workshops will bring together African researchers, local authorities, students, business leaders, NGOs interested in development policies.

In addition, the purpose of the project is also to encourage African universities in GNSS training in academic level. This will be possible by the “identification of student’s activities” during the project. It clear that the project does not include any student training in GNSS. The project will give (via GNSS Experts) guidance to Master students and African professors during the regional workshops in each country.


Prix des 3 meilleurs articles des étudiants AiA


Plus d’information:

Durée : 2011-2013

Pays africains partenaires : Sénégal, Gabon, Cameroun

Coordinateur du projet : Dr. Guy Tanonkou – Email : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.


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